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    In partnership with Sonoco Alcore, ACE UK (Trade Association for beverage cartons in the UK) opened the carton recycling facility in September 2013. The facility can also process other laminated fibre-board products which are listed below.



Used Beverage Cartons - Such as those made by Tetra Pak

Used Beverage Cartons - Such as those made by Tetra Pak

Cartons that have been used by householders, businesses, schools, prisons etc. This material will be processed in our new pulping line at Stainland and blended with other fibres to make coreboard.

Other laminated fibre Board

Other laminated fibre Board

Fibreboard that has been laminated with polymers and/ or aluminium. This could be poly coated cups, ice-cream tubs, industrial packaging or beverage cartons that have never made it through retail or distribution chains (direct from the factory).

Sonoco Recycling:

  • Can arrange all logistics and transportation whether supplying to Europe or globally
  • Has extensive knowledge regarding compliance with European and end user country legislation
  • Meets the needs of both customers and suppliers

Enquire about Laminated Fibre-board recycling:

Should you be interested in recycling beverage cartons or other laminated fibre products, please complete the enquiry form and a member of the ACE UK team will respond as soon as possible


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